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by Abd-ru-shin

Abd-ru-shin's work “In the Light of Truth” – The Grail Message – conveys to the reader an insight into the working of the laws of nature and of creation. In a comprehensible manner the author describes the working of the different laws which are interwoven right up to the finest ramifications. As an example, the effect of a grain of corn bringing forth a multiple harvest of corn follows a pattern according to the laws. However, this principle of nature is not restricted to the world of plants alone, but the lawful effects also return to the human being as a consequence of the thoughts and deeds generated by him. Man harvests many times over from the seed which arises from his volition, and such a harvest can then bring him joy or sorrow. In this regard however, the thought that the personality of a human being is restricted to only a single earth life must however, be broadened, for the human being is a wanderer who has lived on this planet earth in several embodiments as a human being. Thus, what happened on this earth in the dim and distant past was the work of present day human beings, for we were also involved in these epochs in earlier incarnations.

The themes Abd-ru-shin illuminates in his work encompass the meaning of life and the task humanity on earth has to fulfil. Furthermore, the difference in the nature of man and woman is explained, in which particularly everything womanly finds expression in a manner which is finer and striving towards the light.

If he follows the descriptions of Abd-ru-shin with an open mind, the reader arrives at a basis for the ability to perceive that which the different cultures on this earth call “God”. God, as the Creator of all things, in his creation becomes truly perceptible only to those human beings who adapt themselves unconditionally to this creation and the laws active therein. In this connection, there can be no separation between belief and science for both have the same origin and require an objective examination which can only take place free from any sort of restraints in order to grasp them.


The bandage falls, and belief becomes conviction. Liberation and redemption lie only in conviction!

I am addressing earnest seekers only. They must be able and willing to examine this objective matter objectively! Religious fanatics and irresponsible enthusiasts may hold aloof, for they are detrimental to the Truth. As for the malevolent and non-objective, they shall find their sentence in the very words.

The Message will strike only those who still carry within them a spark of truth, and the yearning to be true human beings. To all such it will become the shining light and staff. It will lead them unswervingly out of all the chaos of the present-day confusion.

The following Word does not bring a new religion, but is intended as the torch to help all serious listeners or readers find the right path, which leads them to the longed-for height.

Only he who bestirs himself can advance spiritually. The fool who uses extraneous aids for this, in the form of the ready-made opinions of others, walks his path only as if on crutches, while ignoring his own healthy limbs.

But the moment he boldly uses all the abilities which lie dormant within him awaiting his call, to help in his ascent, he is employing the talent entrusted to him in accordance with his Creator's Will, and will easily overcome all obstacles that seek to divert him.

Therefore awake! Genuine faith lies only in conviction, and conviction arises solely through an inflexible weighing and examining! See to it that you stand truly alive in the wonderful Creation of your God!

The work “In the Light of Truth” - The Grail Message - consists of 168 lectures which build upon one another. The present edition is the final work as released for publication by the author. This edition is also referred to as the “edition of the last hand”.

Volume I :

For Your Guidance!
1.   What seek ye?
2.   The call for the helper
3.   The Antichrist
4.   Morality
5.   Awake
6.   Silence
7.   Ascent
8.   Cult
9.   Rigidity
10.   Childlikeness
11.   Chastity
12.   The first step
13.   The World
14.   The Star of Bethlehem
15.   The conflict
16.   Modern psychic science
17.   Wrong courses
18.   What separates so many from the
         Light today?

19.   Once upon a time…!
20.   Errors
21.   The human word
22.   The Woman of Subsequent Creation
23.   Submission
24.   Indolence of the spirit
25.   Earthman before his God
26.   All that is dead in Creation shall be
         awakened, so that it may pass
         judgement upon itself!
27.   The Book of Life
28.   The Kingdom of a Thousand Years
29.   A necessary word
30.   The great Comet
31.   The World Teacher
32.   The Stranger
33.   Salvation! Redemption!
34.   The Language of the Lord

Volume II :

1.   Responsibility
2.   Fate
3.   The Creation of man
4.   Man in Creation
5.   Hereditary Sin
6.   God
7.   The inner voice
8.   The religion of love
9.   The Redeemer
10.   The mystery of birth
11.   Is occult training advisable?
12.   Spiritism
13.   Earthbound
14.   Does sexual continence further
        spiritual development?
15.   Thought-forms
16.   Watch and Pray!
17.   Marriage
18.   The claim of children on their parents
19.   Prayer
20.   The Lord's Prayer
21.   The Worship of God
22.   Man and his free will
23.   Ideal human beings
24.   Cast all guilt upon Him!
25.   The crime of hypnotism
26.   Astrology
27.   Symbolism in the fate of man
28.   Faith
29.   Earthly possessions
30.   Death
31.   Departed this life!
32.   Miracles
33.   Baptism
34.   The Holy Grail
35.   The mystery of Lucifer
36.   The regions of Darkness and
37.   The regions of Light and Paradise
38.   World events
39.   The difference in origin of man
        and animals
40.   The separation mankind and science

41.   Spirit
42.   The development of Creation
43.   I am the Lord thy God!
44.   The immaculate conception and the
        birth of the Son of God
45.   The crucifixion of the Son of God
        and the Lord's Supper
46.   Come down from the Cross!
47.   This is My Body! This is My blood!
48.   The resurrection of Christ's physical
49.   Human opinion and God's Will
        in the Law of Reciprocal Action
50.   The Son of Man
51.   The significance of man's generative
        power for his spiritual ascent
52.   I am the Resurrection and the Life, no
        man cometh through the Father but by         me!
53.   Gross matter, ethereal matter,
          radiations, space and time
54.   The error about clairvoyance
55.   Various aspects of claivoyance
56.   In the realm of demons and phantoms
57.   Occult training, meat diet or vegetable
58.   Healing by magnetism
59.   Live in the present!
60.   What must a man do to enter
        the Kingdom of God?
61.   Thou beholdest the mote in thy
        brother's eye and considerest not the
        beam in thine own eye!
62.   The struggle in Nature
63.   The outpouring of the Holy Spirit
64.   Sex
65.   Is old age an obstacle to spiritual
66.   Father, forgive them, for they know not
        what they do!
67.   The Gods, Olympus and Valhalla
68.   The creature that is man
69.   And a thousand years are as one day
70.   Intuition
71.   Life

Volume III :

1.   In the Land of twilight
2.   Ponderers
3.   Voluntary matyrs, religious fanatics
4.   Servants of God
5.   The instinct of animals
6.   The Kiss of friendship
7.   The distorted tool
8.   The child
9.   Woman and her vocation
10.   Omnipresence
11.   Christ said …!
12.   Motion – A Law of Creation
13.   The physical body
14.   The mystery of the blood
15.   Temperament
16.   Behold, man, how you should
         wander through this Creation
         so that threads of fate will not hinder
         you but further your ascent!
17.   A new law
18.   Duty and loyalty
19.   The beauty of the peoples
20.   It is finished!
21.   At the boundary of gross matter
22.   The recognition of God
23.   The name
24.   Substantiality
25.   The little substantiate beings
26.   In the gross material workshop of the
        substantiate beings
27.   A soul wanders
28.   Woman and man
29.   Distorted souls
30.   Man's spirit guide
31.   Threads of light above you!
32.   The Primordial Queen
33.   The cycle of Radiations
34.   Shun the Pharisees!
35.   Possessed
36.   Ask, and it shall be given unto you!
37.   Thanks
38.   Let there be Light!
39.   Unsubstantiate
40.   Christmas
41.   Do not fall in temptation!
42.   The sense of family
43.   The intimate home
44.   Believers merely out of habit
45.   Consider what is of benefit to you!
46.   Omniscience
47.   The weak sex
48.   The destroyed bridge
49.   The Guardian of the Flame
50.   Survey of Creation
51.   Soul
52.   Nature
53.   Spirit-Germs
54.   Substantiate-germs
55.   The Ring of Substantiality
56.   The Primordial Spiritual Planes I
57.   The Primordial Spiritual Planes II
58.   The Primordial Spiritual Planes III
59.   The Primordial Spiritual Planes IV
60.   The Primordial Spiritual Planes IV
61.   The Primordial Spiritual Planes VI
62.   The Primordial Spiritual Planes VII
63.   Epilogue: How the Message should be


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